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Last Updated : 08-11-2023
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The fourth revised version of DOEACC ‘O’ Level (IT) syllabus came into effect in January 2010
examinations. Since then, much advancement has been observed in the area of Information
Technology. The need of industry has also changed with the availability of new and advanced
technologies and tools. With the advancement in technologies, the software development
practices have also changed. This also has led to change in job profile. Different job roles require
different skills. Moreover, the digital initiatives taken by Government have also changed the way
the business is taking place these days. These factors have led to bringing the revision in syllabus
of DOEACC ‘O’ Level (IT) course.
This document presents the fifth revised version of ‘O’ Level syllabus under DOEACC Scheme
which becomes effective for teaching with immediate effect. The syllabus of ‘O’ Level course
is designed to enhance the skills of students so as to enable them to solve problems using
Information Technology (IT) tools. The self-learning approach is built into the syllabus enabling
the learners to update themselves on the changing technologies in their area of work. The
syllabus has been designed to meet the skills required for various IT job roles.

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